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Service description:

We developed exclusive and unique engine that will provide users high quality SOCKS4/5 proxy servers. Our engine works 24 hours per day, 7 days per week in none stop conditions. It checks available SOCKS4/5 proxy servers in more than 100 threads. Also we keep uptime history for each and every SOCKS proxy server in our database and allow our users to select proxy servers according to: country, port, SOCKS version, max. delay in seconds, min. speed in kbit and min. uptime in percentages.

Only our site checks SOCKS proxy servers every 30 seconds and updates SOCKS proxy lists (which are available to download for registred members ) every ONE minute. All our memebers get the possibility to downlaod SOCKS proxy servers in 4 different formats: txt, csv, xml and json. That link is software friendly, all programs and scripts (parsers, posters, grabbers, hit counters and so on) can load SOCKS proxy servers from such download link.

By buying access you get unlimited access to SOCKS proxy servers we have at the moment according to your package. If for some reasons there will not be enough SOCKS proxy servers to serve highest package then the max. SOCKS amount will be calculated proportionally from total amount of SOCKS servers.

ATTENTION! We do not guarantee that SOCKS proxy will not be banned from different search engines or any other web sites. Please take into account that we are not the owners of those SOCKS proxy servers and thus can not guarantee their stability or be responsible for the rules which their administrator had created.

P.S. The frequency of SOCKS proxy 'death' in the list is directly connected to how many threads you will use with chosen SOCKS proxy. We have developed special algorithm to share all available SOCKS proxy server among our clients farily. So if one use will abuse all his/her SOCKS proxy servers that will not affect on your SOCKS list.

Conditions of usage:

By buying SOCKS proxy servers or getting free SOCKS proxy servers for testing purposes from our web site in any way and etc you accept and completely agree the following:

Our service and SOCKS proxy servers in general are provided 'as is' and expressed or implied agreements, warranties, discussions, declarations about quality of SOCKS proxy servers or our service including but not limited to: warranties of merchantability, compliance for any expectations, fitness for any purposes are disclaimed.

You know: what are public SOCKS proxy servers, all specific information about how to work with SOCKS proxy servers and SOCKS proxy related terminology, accept all risks of working with public SOCKS proxy servers and agree all potential consequences of using or impossibility of using public SOCKS proxy servers.

The present Agreement (called in the further as 'Agreement') adjusts attitudes relations between FastProxyServers.org (called in the further as 'Seller') and the buyer, the user of a SOCKS proxy servers (called in the further as 'Buyer').

This is the final agreement which replaces with itself all previous agreements, discussions, statements and applications:

1. The subject of the User Agreement

The Seller offers the Buyer his service on the conditions being a subject of the present Agreement. The most actual version of the Agreement is always available at //fastproxyservers.org/socks5-terms.htm. The agreement can be changed by the Seller without any special notice.

2. The description of services

Service of granting access to lists of public SOCKS proxy servers of FastProxyServers.org - is a service which provides access to lists of SOCKS proxy servers on a paid and free-of-charge basis. Please pay extra attention that Seller DOES NOT sell private SOCKS proxy servers lists in any form.

4. Rights of the Seller

The Seller has the right to terminate relations with the Buyer in case of infringement of the present Agreement by the last party.
The Seller reserves the right to suspend or stop, temporarily or permanently services to buyer.

5. Rights of the Buyer

The Buyer can temporary suspend paid subscription for the SOCKS proxy servers, to do so he/she should inform Seller about his/her wish via email.
The Buyer could suspend his/her account no more than ONCE per month.

6. Obligations of the Seller

The Seller undertakes to give access to the lists of public SOCKS proxy servers and to support serviceability of web site for receiving these lists 24/7 days per week.

7. Obligations of the Buyer

The Buyer agrees not to use the service given to him/her by the Seller for the illegal purposes which are included (but are not limited):

  • - Infringement of the rights of minor persons or causing of harm them in any form.
  • - Sending SPAM in any form.
  • - Infringements of normal work of the network and its units.

Before make any buying of proxies the Buyer MUST test the quality of SOCKS proxy servers by using FREE sample SOCKS proxy servers which are available here. The Buyer should test quality of SOCKS Proxy servers as many times as he/she needs to make sure in quality of SOCKS proxy servers provided by Seller.

8. SOSCK proxy list delivery

If you are buying SOCKS proxy servers via direct transfer (without using automated payment forms) you will receive SOCKS proxy servers after 24-48 hours after Seller receives the money. The Seller can deliver SOCKS proxy servers faster than 12 hours but Seller cannot guarantee this delivery speed and Buyer cannot demand it from the Seller.

9. Refund and money back policy

After payment is done there is no way to get refund except situation when the Buyer has good reason to do so. The Seller suggests Buyer to check the quality of SOCKS proxy servers by checking FREE sample SOCKS proxy servers which are available here. By buying the service the Buyer agrees that the service fully satisfies his/her needs.

10. Rights of reselling or redistributing

The Buyer agrees not to sell, not to resell and do not distribute in any form the lists of public SOCKS proxy servers given to him, except of the cases when such sanction in the obvious form is given to the Buyer. The seller does not bear any responsibility under any contracts between the Buyer and the third parties.

11. The Buyer understands and agrees that:

ALL given by the Seller SOCKS proxy servers are free-of-charge and public, i.e. the Seller does not guarantee (and cannot guarantee in any kind or the form) their serviceability, or conformity or discrepancy to the purposes, expectations or requirements of the Buyer.

The Seller does not guarantee that service of access to public SOCKS proxy servers will be given continuously, quickly, reliably and without mistakes. All mistakes and problem in the scripts will be corrected in shortest period.

The Buyer agrees and understands, that generally the concept 'working' is not equivalent to concept 'tested' or 'recently tested'. It means that on serviceability of a SOCKS proxy server influence a great amount of factors which the Seller is not capable to supervise, switching (but not being limited):

  • - Time of day during which there is a accessing to a proxy.
  • - The speed with which SOCKS proxy server downloaded random data.
  • - The delay which SOCKS proxy servers requires to establish HTTP connection.
  • - The last work time of SOCKS proxy servers.
  • - The uptime of SOCKS proxy server (based on the amount of successful and failed test)

Case you have more questions please never hesitate to contact us.